Critical Essay

Why a Critical Essay is so critical at this very day!! In any school or a college where teaching is at its high standards, they take certain types of tests to the students from which their performance can be judged easily. A quiz or an assignment is basically given to the student to assess the knowledge of student but that is not all. A student needs to get more tough study of its surroundings because it is necessary to have knowledge of the environment too. Such kind of thinking is known as the critical thinking and this type of writing is known as Critical Essay.

There is always a need of testing the student knowledge and that is not possible by only taking quizzes and assignments from the students or from the finals at the end of every semester. There is always something required which can easily testify the students knowledge. This is where the Critical Essay comes and assesses the inner capabilities of a students knowledge.

What is a Critical Essay?

Critical Essay actually pertains to a particular writing project which is usually held at the end of the semester when a final grade has to be awarded by the professor to each and every student. A Critical Essay can be in the favor of the students and sometimes might be not so it depends a lot on this type of writing. This sets a standard or criteria for the students to figure out that whether they will pass the subject or not with good grades. That is why a Critical Essay is supposed to be a dreadful type of writing for the students.

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Why a Critical Essay is important?

The purpose of giving a Critical Essay as an assignment to the students is to make sure that whether the student is capable of brainstorming and has got a habit of critical thinking or not. The word critical also implies that a Critical Essay is critical for their grades so a student will write this essay seriously with full of his concentration and focus on the given topic.

A professor believes that some quizzes and other assignments are not enough to assess the students grade. Hence, according to them this is more better way to judge the students overall performance. Even orally grading is not that much appropriate method for grading as the written assignment of a Critical Essay is effective.
A Critical Essay would not only allows a professor to grade the student in a more better way or to just check the students performance but also it makes easy for a teacher to check the students writing abilities. The writing skills which the student will use in the Critical Essay will be assessed by the teacher and will be able to correct the student mistakes which have been made in the essay. A professor would come to know that how much proficient his/her student is in the writing.

Not only writing skills but even the grammatical skills and the sea of words which will be used as part of the vocabulary of the student in the essay can be checked. Punctuation marks are also checked that whether the student has placed them correctly in the Critical Essay or not.

Assessing students priorities through Critical Essay:

As a Critical Essay is assigned to a student at the end of the term or semester when obviously other subjects are also at their end of syllabus and the student has got a lot of load of assignments and quizzes. And it is very difficult for a student to manage the time for the studies as well as for the Critical Essay which needs more time as compared to other tasks. It makes a lot of problem for student to manipulate the priorities at that time.

A teacher knows this very well as they are the one who have forced students into this but they would obviously not accept that excuse the student was busy in other assignments or quizzes, so it makes a very critical situation for the student to sort out this matter.

Many students find it easy to download the Critical Essay from the internet but they got caught as many of the essays on the internet are not unique and a professor can easily identified the copied material. Some sample critical essays are available online but the quality of those essays is not appropriate. If a student takes one of these steps, then it might result in the failure of good grade. Hence, a student needs to be more careful while figuring out this issue as this is very critical.

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